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BO_040 | Lovely Lot With Stunning Views in Beausejour

Location: Beausejour
Land Size: 15,695 sq ft

Price per sq ft: 7.40 USD     Price per sq ft: 20.00 XCD

Sales Price: 
313,900.00 XCD
Sales Price: 
116,255.00 USD

Property Description

This attractive gently slopping lot is in the upscale residential neighbourhood of Beausejour / Bella Rosa.This property boasts distant Atlantic Sea Views accompanied by an airy eastern breeze, a peaceful environ and convenient proximity to amenities nearby. Advantageously, the property is a 5 minute drive from the thriving and vibrant Rodney Bay urban center where popular restaurants, banks and numerous other services can be found. Additionally, this property is a few minutes from the National Cricket Stadium and Tennis Centre and a 10 minute drive to the island's capital, Castries.

With its convenient location and captivating views, this property harbors great potential.

Contact us today to arrange a viewing and see this property first hand !

Property Details

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