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BJ40b - Spacious and Elegantly Styled Ground Floor Apartment with Caribbean Sea Views

2 Bedrooms, 1 Baths

Monthly Rate: 
2,500.00 XCD
Monthly Rate: 
920.00 USD


Rent includes: Water, Internet and Cable. Tenants only pay for electricity. 

  • Located just 5 minutes from the commercial and entertainment hub at Rodney Bay, this apartment offer sound floor units with bright rooms and compelling views of the attractive neighbourhood.
  • The apartment with large, open-plan living, dining and kitchen area, with high end furniture in a contemporary Caribbean style. Clean modern finishes and recessed lights throughout add to the property's general appeal. 
  • Kitchen with two large windows, ample cupboards including a pantry, fridge-freezer, ceramic tiled counters with microwave, kettle and coffee maker and double stainless steel sink.
  • Two spacious bedrooms share a stylish bathroom with walk-in shower and single vanity.

Enjoy unobstructed views of Pigeon Island and the Caribbean Sea from the private balcony of this lovely apartment.



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