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HMG_028 | Villa Susana | An Italian & Caribbean Fusion Getaway Overlooking the Caribbean Sea & Marigot Bay

Land Size: 130,680 sq ft
House Size: 14,832 sq ft
Bedrooms: 7

Sales Price: 
7,500,000.00 USD

Property Description

Situated on a headland at the end of Marigot Bay, Villa Susanna is an eclectic mix of Caribbean cool with Italian chic. It sits on landscaped gardens with winding paths & the occasional bench, leading down to the sandy Trou Rolland beach.

A breezy hallway with a beautiful Murano glass chandelier leads you into a spacious sitting room, with a large dining table. Throughout are large wooden doors that open up and leads to the pool that is 20 meters long+2 meters deep and a direct view of the sunset gazebo that sits above the ocean. The bedrooms are separate from the main house - all are en-suite, have double doors & a wet bar. The Master has a private patio with a small Jacuzzi & outside shower & room.

Experience the magnificent architecture and breathtaking views which are brought together in this stellar oceanfront property.

Property Details

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