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RB_013 | Exceptional Lot In the Bustling Area of Rodney Bay

Land Size: 15,076 sq. ft. sq ft

Sales Price: 
829,180.00 XCD
Sales Price: 
305,193.00 USD

Property Description

This attractive gently sloping lot is a very spacious lot which is ideal for commercial use. It is situated near other popular commercial properties such as the Commercial Hub and has potential to outstand many properties in the area. Advantageously, the property is a few minutes' drive from the thriving and vibrant Rodney Bay urban center where popular restaurants, banks and numerous other services can be found. This unit also lends itself to the development of condos, townhouses or even a villa for residential use. With multi-storey construction, water views of the marina may be enjoyed as well. The subdivision is fully serviced, and accessed via an asphalt surfaced road.

With its convenient location, this unit harbors great potential. 

Contact us today to arrange a viewing and see this property first hand !

Property Details

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