Relaxing West Coast Style

With sand ranging from blinding white to sole-searing black, Saint Lucia's beaches are as diverse as the island's terrain itself, appealing to every taste from the sun-seeking sybarite to the adrenaline-seeking adventurer. Here are a few of the highlights:

Reduit Beach

Almost two kilometres of golden sand, lined by popular resorts and beach bars. Nestled between Mount Pimard on the south of Rodney Bay and the marina entrance to the north, Reduit is the place to be on those hot, sunny Saint Lucian days. Hire a lounger or umbrella, relax and read a book, jump into the aquamarine Caribbean Sea, grab a delicious lunch, or walk the water's edge.

Pigeon Island Causeway

North of Gros Islet town as far as The Landings, this coral sand strip flanked by acacia and almond trees is the favourite beach for locals and residents of the area. Shallow blue tide and Pigeon Island complete the scene, and there are permanent beach volleyball nets for the fitness fans.

Vigie Beach

Just north of Castries, this two and a half kilometer strand has been an iconic and popular beach for generations, since before the adjacent GFL Charles Airport was built. Wonderful views while walking in both directions, with a breezy pavilion at the southern end housing colourful bars and local snackettes. Swimmers must take care as the current can be unpredictable.


Spectacular is about the only way to describe the beaches in the Soufriere area, where the Pitons dominate the coastline for miles to the north and south. The town itself is in a sheltered bay flanked on its southern tip by Petit Piton (743m or 2438 feet) and to the north by a notoriously narrow cliffside road to the boutique resorts Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain. In between, dissected by busy jetties and the town's main dock is a charming, palm tree lined black sand beach busy with colourful daily life - locals swimming, kids playing, fishing nets being tended to as the fresh-as-it-comes catch is offloaded.

In the surrounding area are some of the island's finest touristic beaches:

  • The white sands of Anse Chastanet are a picturesque base for a must-do snorkeling or scuba-diving trip, and are connected to the twin resort's estate beach at Anse Mamin by a surfside path at the cliff's base.
  • South of Soufriere, black volcanic sands and an off track location nestled up against Gros Piton, give Malgretoute Beach an intimate feel.
  • Formerly known as Jalousie Plantation Beach, the swathe of crystal white sand “between the Pitons” is now known as Sugar Beach since the property became a Viceroy Resort.

Choiseul & Laborie

The shallower waters and ocean bed reefs off the coast of Choiseul and Laborie infuse the sapphire sea with an aquamarine glow, making it a favorite with sailboats and yachts. Breathtakingly pristine Sabwisha Beach is about 15 minutes walk from the village of Choiseul, and soon to be developed into a high-end resort. Laborie Beach is the heart of the southern fishing village, fringed with colorful boats, mountains of nets, leggy palm trees and a plethora of simple beachfront dwellings.

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