Seas The Day Away!

Yachting, Sailboats, Marinas

Fancy a day on your own privately chartered yacht, enjoying the spectacular coastal scenery of Saint Lucia, along with the finest food and wine you can wish for? A voyage to the island's iconic Pitons, with volcano and waterfall visits on the itinerary? Or how about a sunset cruise on a party catamaran or pirate ship, dancing to the sweet sounds of reggae and soca music as you wait in breathless anticipation for the techni-colored climax of the Caribbean day?

In Saint Lucia, there are dozens of ways to experience the island's coastal treasures, which include hidden beaches, quaint fishing villages, luxury resorts and other sightseeing opportunities. We have several world class marinas offering a full range of services to boat owners and ‘live-aboard' visitors.

Sport-fishing, Whale & Dolphin Watching

According to those in the know, there is excellent sport-fishing round the coast of Saint Lucia. From the rolling waves off the north coast to the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea to the west, anglers of all skill levels can enjoy the adrenaline rush of the chase and the thrill of landing a legendary fish. Saint Lucia also has some of the most experienced fishing charter companies in the region. Planning a day on the water is as easy as an email or phone call.

Saint Lucia's Annual Billfish Tournament takes place this year from October 16 - 20 and is expected to attract some of the most competitive sports fishermen in the region. The competition has been held for more than two decades, and has yielded some incredible catches over the years.

Plying the waters from Rodney Bay to Soufriere are several ‘watching' tours, which often see resident pilot whale pods as well as migratory ones, off the coast of Saint Lucia. Many day charters find themselves in the company of Fraser, spotted, bottlenose and spinner dolphins, acrobatically leaping up to 12 feet in the air and spinning their way back to dive gracefully into the ocean and resurface again, to play some more.

Surfing, Wind and Kite Surfing, Kayaking, Beach Watersports

With the Trade Winds as constant as the year-long sunshine, Saint Lucia is a haven for watersports fans and it's a rare visitor - or islander - who doesn't participate in some of our sea-based fun. On the east coast, wind  and kite surfers of all skill levels will find the most amazing and beautiful locations to take to the water, and experienced instructors who will help you perform like a professional in no time.

On the Caribbean west coast, you can enjoy every type of watersport, from beach kayaking to the latest worldwide craze called SUPing - Stand Up Paddleboarding for those not in the know. Many of Saint Lucia's hotels and resorts have excellent watersports departments, making it easy to be adventurous and try something new, while independent operators offer a wide range of activities by the hour or the day.

SCUBA Diving, Snorkeling, SNUBA (submarine tours)

Saint Lucia has wonderful and diverse diving, with all types of sites, from wrecks to coral gardens, to the underwater wall of Petit Piton which plunges as deep into the ocean as our iconic twin mountains are high. The west coast is richly populated with dive sites, many of which are just a few minutes' boat ride from the island's best dive schools.

Saint Lucia's underwater secrets are just as breathtaking as the island itself, with fabulous fish and sea creatures to fascinate divers from novice to master; vibrant angelfish, daunting moray eels, tiny seahorses, spiny lionfish, friendly turtles, less friendly jellyfish, swaying coral fans and giant sponges are just the start, and the best dive guides will lead you right to them.

Whether it's a drift dive at Superman's Flight, discovering the shipwrecks of Lesleen M and Daini Koyumaru, or a gentle exploration of the shallow reefs at Anse Cochon, divers can enjoy fantastic recreational diving in Saint Lucia or get PADI certified at any level from beginner to master.

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